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Apr 20, 2020
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What do you get when you combine a meshed version of paddle sports with a desirable Cary address?

Pickleball in Destin! Just one of several amenities offered in this new luxury home community in Cary, pickleball is proving to be quite the draw to homeowners who are looking for a fun and active lifestyle. Read on to learn about pickleball and where to play it.

Pickleball History

Though the game has been around since the mid-1960s, pickleball has really begun to take hold and gain popularity in just the last few years. This easy-to-learn sport combines elements of badminton, tennis, and ping-pong giving it a nostalgic feel with some surprising twists. The USA Pickleball Association (USAPA) refers to the past-time as “highly contagious” as it is ideal for all skill levels, very social, great exercise, extremely affordable, and allows you to work on your agility and balance.

Where to Play Pickleball in Cary, NC

Destin boasts two pickleball courts where you can enjoy this two or four player game with family and friends. Each pickleball court is similar to a doubles badminton court with a lowered net. Tennis-like rules allow the generations within your family to enjoy some fresh air, healthy exercise, and quality time together!  So grab your pickleball, a few pickleball paddles and set out to learn this challenging, fast-paced sport.  Who knows, you could soon be ready for a local pickleball competition! 

Pickleball Terms

Before you become a pickleball pro, here are some terms you will want to become familiar with so that you can impress your teammates:

  • ATP (Around-the-Post): A shot that travels outside the net posts, allowing its trajectory to stay below the height of the net. 
  • Baseline: The line at the back of the pickleball court (22 feet from the net). 
  • Centerline: The line bisecting the service courts that extends from the non-volley line to the baseline. 
  • Crosscourt: The opponent's court diagonally opposite a player's.
  • Dink: A dink is a soft shot, made with the paddle face open, and hit so that it just clears the net and drops into the non-volley zone. 
  • Erne: A volley hit near the net by a player positioned outside the court or in the process of leaping outside the court. A legally executed erne shot allows a player to hit the ball closer to the net without stepping in the non-volley zone.
  • Fault: An infringement of the rules that ends the rally. 
  • Foot fault: Stepping on or into the non-volley zone while volleying a ball, or, while serving, failure to keep both feet behind the baseline with at least one foot in contact with the ground or floor when the paddle contacts the ball. 
  • Half-volley: A type of hit where the player hits the ball immediately after it has bounced in an almost scoop-like fashion.
  • Kitchen: The non-volley zone which is seven feet from the net on both sides is commonly referred to as "the kitchen". Players may not enter the kitchen to return a ball unless the ball first bounces. 
  • Lob: Hitting the ball in a high arc to the back of the opponent's court. Ideally designed to clear an opponent who has advanced toward the net.
  • Net serve: A serve that touches the top of the net and lands in the proper service court (it is replayed without penalty).
  • Non-volley zone: A seven-foot area adjacent to the net within which you may not volley the ball. The non-volley zone includes all lines around it. Also called the "kitchen".
  • Poach: In doubles, to cross over into your partner's area to make a play on the ball.
  • Rally: Hitting the ball back and forth between opposite teams.
  • Serve (service): An underarm lob or drive stroke used to put a ball into play at the beginning of a point.
  • Server number: When playing doubles, either "1" or "2", depending on whether you are the first or second server for your side. This number is appended to the score when it is called, as in "the score is now 4–2, second server".
  • Sideline: The line at the side of the court denoting in- and out-of-bounds. 
  • Side-Out: When the serve moves to your opponent's side.
  • Volley: To hit the ball before it touches the ground and bounces.


Looking for other recreational activities in Destin, your custom luxury home community in Cary? Stroll along the paved greenways while enjoying gorgeous wooded views, visit the charming gazebo area where you can relax and meet up with friends, or take advantage of the dog-walking trails under a canopy of shade trees (with 24/7 access to pet washing stations). Perhaps you can create some of your own with a revamped outdoor patio!

Of course, Destin also offers an incredible location perfectly positioned in the heart of the Triangle and convenient to shopping and dining destinations in the Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas. Top notch universities, bustling downtowns, quaint Main Streets, leading career opportunities, and so much more await you when you choose your custom new home in Destin!

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