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May 15, 2020
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Whether you own a business, work remotely, or just need a sanctuary to take care of household details, a home office can prove to be a saving grace. This personal space allows you to be creative and productive, all within the comforts of your home.   Be inspired by the custom floor plans in Destin, new homes in Cary, NC, and design your personal home office with our following décor and organizational tips:


Discover the Perfect Location
Rather than cramming a desk into an already busy corner, designate a room that will give you the space needed to fit your furniture, technology, books,  and accomplishments.  Consider whether you will need a private entrance and how close or far away you want to be from the hubbub of daily life.  Talk with your Destin builder to ensure that your home office needs are included in your custom design.

Form and Function Go Hand in Hand
Your home office can be all things: practical, beautiful, and comfortable.  Get inspired by your favorite home design galleries and then carry your personal style throughout your furnishing and accessory choices.  Just make sure to include conveniences such as shelving and cabinetry which can provide space solutions as well as charm and character.  Other considerations would be additional seating, lighting selections and perhaps even a cozy fireplace! 


Think Ergonomically
While you, of course want a design stunner straight out of a  Luxe ad, it is imperative to keep in mind the time and work that will be invested in this room as well.  Choosing a chair, desk accessories and computer equipment that promotes comfort and proper posture is essential.  A few things to remember when organizing your desk area:
1. The top of your computer should be at eye level or a little below.  Risers are a great way to adjust this height accordingly.
2. Position your keyboard so that your forearms are parallel to the floor.

3. Spend the extra money on a chair that is ergonomically correct and comfortable. 
Luckily, today’s chairs are also very aesthetically pleasing and will match a variety of styles and décor.


Color Yourself Calm

While you may enjoy the brighter side of a palette, consider how much time you will be spending in your home office and the moods you can experience from project glitches and deadlines.  Contemplate using a neutral, calming shade on the walls and furnishings with pops of calming blues or soft earth tones.  If you feel the need for bold expression, try out some colorful throw pillows or artsy picture frames to liven your look.   Of course, lush greenery not only adds color and beauty but also brings in a little of the outdoors and more oxygen!


Let There Be Light

Natural lighting can improve your mood and productivity levels so plan for plenty of windows in your dream home office.  Expansive windows can also give you uninterrupted views of your lawn and outdoor living spaces.  When you take a screen break you are going to want to look at something beautiful!  In case your productive spurts come later in the day, or even in the middle of the night, pay special attention to your lamp choices and the type of bulb you are using. Blue-white light enhances productivity during the day, while warm-white light encourages proper unwinding in the evening.

Personal Touches

Your home office is not just a place to work but also an expression of you. Pictures and mementos, inspirational quotes, art that speaks to you, family heirlooms-feel free to fill your office with reminders of things and people that you love.  Things that motivate you and keep you happy.


Additional Details are Key

Keep your supply list full (it is a time saver to always have your office supplies stocked and organized, ready to go) and consider having a mini-fridge with your favorite cold beverages, maybe even a  coffee bar.  These added conveniences will come in handy when you are knee-deep in a brainstorming session and do not want to lose momentum! 


Last but not least, no one ever wants to look at jumbled cords so encase those nuisances in pretty cord covers or use cord winders or tubing to tuck them out of sight. The custom design process in Destin will afford you the opportunity to strategically place outlets, data, and A/V ports in your home office, along with a top notch whole home Wi-Fi network.


As you can see there is a lot to consider when you decide to work from your home office.  Fortunately, you can benefit from thoughtfully-designed, custom floor plans and gorgeous views when you choose to live in Destin, luxury homes in Cary, NC. 


Of course, Destin also offers an incredible location, perfectly positioned in the heart of the Triangle and convenient to shopping and dining destinations in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill areas.  Top-notch universities, bustling downtowns, quaint Main Streets, leading career opportunities and so much more await you when you choose your custom new home in Destin!


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