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Jun 17, 2020
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Building your custom dream home is more than just choosing beautiful fit and finishes, it is about choosing the team of professionals who will be dedicated to getting it right. As with any service, you deserve to know and understand the expectations, ensuring a quality product and your satisfaction. 

However, the custom luxury home building process can be complex and lengthy-no matter how incredible the team. It is best to be prepared, do your research and present questions that will keep you educated and aware, whether they're related to something like finances or rightsizing. These questions will also help to strengthen the communication between you and your chosen builder- a key factor to a successful build and a gorgeous custom home for you!


Here is a list of questions to ask your custom home builder, compiled and organized by subtopic. We hope that these will spark further questions and curiosity as you partner with one of Destin’s elite builder team members including Bost Custom Homes, Rufty Homes,  Sage Built, and Sundance Signature Homes.   


Custom Home Builder History

  1. What year did your company begin? How many homes have you built?
  2. Where do you build?
  3. Can you share homeowner references with me?


Custom Home Builder Differences

  1. What sets you apart from your competition?
  2. Do you have any model or inventory homes that I can walk through? If not, do you have any homeowners who would allow me to tour their home?
  3. How does your warranty work?
  4. What type of energy-saving features do you include in your home? What high-performance options should we consider?
  5. Do you have any minimum specifications or standards for construction methods or materials?
  6. Whatis your most popular custom feature that is requested?
  7. Can you build a plan that I have already had drawn or must I choose from floorplans that you provide?
  8. Can I purchase my appliances through you or can I provide them after closing?


Custom Home Builder Communication

  1. Who is my main point of contact? Will I have different contacts throughout the process?
  2.  What is the best way to communicate?
  3.  When can I visit the home during the build process? What rules or guidelines must I consider before and during the visit?
  4. What is your change order process?
  5. How long will the build time be for my home?
  6. What additional fees are there (HOA, club dues, Architectural Review Board)?
  7. Can I get a copy of any bylaws or rules associated with these third parties?
  8. What is the walk-thru schedule?
  9. Can you tell me more about the inspection process?


Custom Home Builder Details

  1. Can you install materials that I have purchased on my own? Will there be a credit on materials that I do not need that are already included in the base price?
  2. What type of landscaping package is included? What landscaping options are there from which I can choose? Also, is there any warranty on landscape items?


Custom Home Builder Finances

  1. What types of contracts do you offer, and what are the pros and cons of each type?
  2. Who are your preferred lenders? Are there any incentives from working with one?
  3. How and when is final pricing determined?


Once you get answers to the above questions (...and probably a few more!), you will be well educated on the custom building process and the builder you are working with. Between a desirable location, active-lifestyle amenities, exclusive concierge services, and some of the best pickleball courts around, the custom builders in The Triangle, Destin offer everything you want in a luxury custom home community.

The only thing needed is you! Put these questions to use while getting to know the builders in Destin.


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